Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tips & Tricks To Success

Embrace the pain
Most of us give up at the first feelings of pain, but I encourage you to embrace the pain. That pain you are feeling during or after your workout means that your body is changing and becoming stronger. You are most likely growing more muscle so be excited about that!

Don't count the reps 
Okay, I'm sure your thinking that is strange advice but it is true. Rather then counting the reps make sure you are doing things properly. It has been proven that its better to do less reps of a move done properly then to do a lot of reps of a move wrong. Sure it is okay to take a break but make sure that every rep you do is your best and done properly.

Don't fool yourself
Have you found yourself staring in the fridge thinking "ok I will have a piece of chocolate cake but if I put some fruit on top of it then it's healthy". If this is your mentality you need to make a change. Don't play those little mind games even though you know deep down you are wrong. However just like I've said many times before, everything in moderation so go ahead and have a little sliver of that cake!

I hope this has helped in any way! If you have any comments or anything to add let me know! Since it is also Easter today I wanted to say Happy Easter to those who celebrate it and Happy Sunday to those who don't!

Thanks and have a great day :),

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