Thursday, March 14, 2013

Get Out Of Your Slump

If you have been slacking on your workout lately here is some suggestions to help you get motivated and back to your regular workout routine!

1. Get some new bright coloured workout clothes for spring!
There's no better feeling then when you put on some fresh kicks (shoes) and a bright shirt. That will surely get you motivated!

2. Start with one move
If you are having one of those off, slow days tell yourself "I will do one move". After you get started you aren't going to want to stop!

3. Make a new playlist
Take a bit of time to make a new playlist with some new pump up songs, your old music was probably making you bored! Just like our spring workout we have got to rev up our playlist to get those hot summer bodies! Here's some ideas:

4. Make a inspiration board
I have got a inspiration board in my room that helps me stay motivated and shows me my accomplishments but also what I want to accomplish in the future!

This is my inspiration board! 
5. Switch up your workout
Try a new machine at the gym, a new workout sequence or take a new path on your run. Try new things to keep your workout fresh and fun!

I hope this helps! Have a healthy, blessed & happy day!

Much love xoxo,

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