Monday, April 15, 2013

every little thing counts

My friend Leen & I were going on a walk today because it is finally nice outside here and we were comparing workout styles. I seem to find that we are very similar in mind and body! She reminded me and also reinforced some of my main motto's. We also discussed working out together which I think would be a lot of fun!

1. Doesn't matter how much just DO IT.
We are both very academic students and seem to find it hard to fit in a workout while also keeping up high grades. However one thing we both agreed on was to at least do a small workout to keep on track! Even 10 minutes is enough!

2. Mix up your workout.
It's fun to try different types of workouts and different things like yoga, zumba, jazzercise & my favoirte barre3.  If you're a runner try a new path or a new trail. Make sure you make your workout fun and exciting! So look for new workouts to do every so often to keep your workout fresh and fun!

3. Keeping your friends motivated helps you be motivated!
We were thinking of starting to run together and workout together! I feel like it would be a lot of fun to work out with a friend because you can laugh but also feel the 'burn' together! lol It's good to push each others boundaries and help each other grow!

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Keep moving,
The teen health blogger -Nathalie

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